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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not-So Planned Spending

My brother asked me to take him to the city yesterday because he had to do a medical for the Army. I agreed as long as he paid me gas money. So I dropped him off at 10 and had until 3pm to occupy myself. What did I do?

I went shopping :S

I went to the mall AGAIN! Yikes, good thing I live an hour from the mall because it could be detrimental. Anyway, I did pretty good, I bought a tank top ($12.99) and a backpack. I've been looking at backpacks for a while now that mine has a broken zipper. I've had my old Jansport since I was 13....that's 12 years!! It was time for a new one. I bought a Burton on sale for $59.99. Hopefully it will last me another 12 years.

After the mall I headed to Futureshop. I had a giftcard I received from XBF for Christmas and wanted to look at the GPS's. There was a Tomtom on sale so I got it. It came to $46 after the gift card was used. Not too bad, hopefully I won't be getting lost as much now! My brother programmed it on the way home and it seems pretty easy to use.

After Futureshop I had lunch at The Great Canadian Bagel mmmm love that place! Lunch was $2 something. I brought a few snacks and water of my own.

After lunch I went to the beach. I brought the book I'm reading and laid down on the sand to read. I was only there for a few minutes though when my brother called me to pick him up. He gave me $70 for driving him, I said I don't want that much but he made me take it.

Overall, probably another too big of a spend day. But I already paid off my credit card today. Plus I made $70 for driving him.

Next week I am heading back to the same area Monday to Thursday for some school workshops. Gas is going to be difficult, and I am not going to allow myself to go to the mall!


  1. I'm curious...when your brother pays you for gas - how do you figure out how much he owes you?

  2. Well I have two brothers. One drives and the other does not. The one that drives borrows my car almost daily, to run to the store or pick up his girlfriend. I don't mind but I do expect him to contribute to gas once in a while. So once in a while, maybe once every 5-6 weeks I will tell him to fill it up while he is out, or I will tell him to return it full if he has gone on a long trip. He likely pays for a little more gas than he actually uses, but I pay for the rest of the car stuff and allow him to borrow it so it's a good deal for him.

    My other brother doesn't drive. He almost never asks for rides etc. But he did want me to drive him to the closest city to us which is an hour away and wait around for him to do his Army things and then drive him back the other day and he said he would give me gas money. I expected to receive $30 which would be enough to fill my tank from empty, but he received some money while we were down there and was extra generous. I didn't set an amount for him but I would have asked him to pay at the gas station on the way home if he didn't give me any money before that.

  3. That was nice of your brother! You must have gotten a "good" brother! ;) LOL!! Hope your new backpack lasts as long as you want it too!