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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Phone Plans and Big Spend Day

Yesterday my mom and I both had the day off. We decided to go SHOPPING!

We went to Winners, and then to the mall, then out for lunch, and then to Costco. I bought a dress (lol I thought it was cute, although I don't have any event to wear it to, it was only $35 and could be worn multiple times). I also bought a casual shirt, and a couple of work shirts, two white undershirts, two bras, a calendar, a giant bag of chocolate chips (for baking), a couple boxes of tea, a hoodie, and a DVD player (mine broke last week).

Total cost was $250 yikes!!

I owe my mom $125 for the Costco trip. Then I also owe her $30 for some long distance calls darn. I know I have made a number of calls from my cell phone this month too, definitely not looking forward to that bill. Oops! *Actually I just looked it up online and it was double what it typically is. Ouch!!* Maybe I need to look into updating my plan to include more minutes.

What is your phone plan like? I am currently with Bell. I have 200 minutes, 500 texts, call display, and message centre. I think that's it. What got me this month was the 200 minutes. If I go over then I am paying $0.20 per minute!!!! Long distance is only $0.10 per minute. Typically I pay $45 with taxes etc each month and this month is going to be $90.


  1. I'm with Virgin Mobile and they are fantastic! For $55/month my plan includes 300 anytime minutes, unlimited weekends, unlimited nights after 7p, unlimited Canadian long distance, unlimited text messages, call waiting, call display, and voicemail. If you want to keep your current telephone number, Virgin also offers fee-free switching.

  2. I have a prepaid phone thru Verizon. I rarely make or recieve calls, I text a lot. I have a pay as you go plan and I usually put $25-30 a month in my account. Then I get a 750 bundle of text messages for $10 and that works fine for me.

  3. I'm with Rogers.. I kind of hate it, I feel like I'm get ripped off. My phone bill is about $50/mo and it's for evenings & weekends, 200 daytime, call display, voicemail, unlimited received text and like 200 send texts (which I always always always go over).

    It's that stupid $6.75 "service" charge or whatever, and then paying for emergency response is like another $1 or something. Why do I have to pay $8/mo for these things? They should be free!

  4. I just have a prepaid phone with Telus...I put $10 on a month. I don't use it all that often, just have it for emergencies with the car. MIght upgrade once we're out of debt, lol.

  5. As a teacher you have access to one of the best cell phone plans out there! It's available from the Edvantage website, it's a Bell company called Baka Wireless. http://www.edvantage.ca/english/partner-pages/bell-mobility-e.asp
    200 anytime minutes, weekends and evenings free - and those evenings start at 6pm.