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Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update and RSP Update

I actually had a good weekend. Friday I did some things around the house and went for a bike ride. Saturday I read some of my book and then left to visit my cousin in TO. She and I had lunch at the mall and then we drove to XBF's and picked up my stuff that he wanted out of his apartment. It was an awkward meeting and we were only there for about 5 minutes, it made it a little less awkward that my cousin was there with me at least. Glad that is done with.

Saturday evening our uncle brought us some supper and then we went out for ice cream mmm! We went to bed pretty early and then on Sunday we went out for breakfast with our uncle and then my cousin and I went to the EX. My cousin is having some financial issues right now so I paid for her ticket as well. It was really fun there! We didn't even do rides or games. We saw a lot of exhibits, met up with my roommate and my cousin's friend. Saw some shows. My favourite part was the ice show which featured David Pellitier and Jamie Sale. It was so awesome, definitely worth the price of admission!

I headed back home after that and met up with D. He said the wedding was awesome. He had a lot of fun and it seems like everything went really well for his sister and her now husband. They are headed off to Spain today for their honeymoon.

I spent $30 in gas, $4 in drinks, $32 on EX admission, $4 on ice cream, $10 on breakfast, $9 on lunch. An expensive weekend and nothing to show for it, but it was really nice to see my cousin and uncle.

Oh yah I also put in $500 toward a RSP GIC with ING. I locked it in for 5 years which has a rate of 3.25%. I am half-way to my goal of $1000 in RRSPs this year. I think I will make another contribution once school gets started and I am earning more money.

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  1. Experiences are more important than things...who cares if you have nothing to show for your weekend? :)