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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LONG Weekend

I had an extra long weekend because D had Tuesday off. I worked Friday and then we were supposed to go to this shopping festival in town with my cousin and another friend. However he bailed on me because he was too tired to go, I still ended up going with my cousin and friend. It was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of people there!

Saturday D came over. We ran some errands in town, and he got a new HTC phone. Very cool. We then got some ice cream and sat at the falls and he took me to where he lives and showed me his favourite computer game and we chatted with his roommate. We then went out for supper and looked up potential areas to camp.

Sunday we talked more about camping and thought we really should have left that morning because it was beautiful out. We drove to Georgian Bay and looked into camping there, then decided to buy a tent and get ready to camp the next morning early. We went to his parents' house and borrowed a bunch of canoeing gear and some camping supplies. Strapped the canoe to his Jeep and then came back to our town to pack the rest.

We woke up early on Monday to pack everything up and head back to Georgian Bay, Massassauga Park. We got there and packed the canoe and then paddled for FOUR hours to get to our site. We swam and then started setting up. As soon as we were done setting up, it just poured for the rest of the night. The tent leaked with a tarp over top out of every zipper, I wonder what the return policy is on tents at CTC. It was difficult to have a fire and cook our burgers but it was done. Good thing D is very outdoorsy!!

Today we woke up, cooked breakfast over the fire and then packed up. It took about FOUR hours to paddle back as well. We did stop once for a quick swim to cool off. It was such a nice time camping with him. My back is absolutely killing me now though from all of the paddling! What a great workout! After we packed up the car we drove back to his parents' house to return everything. Then we returned his things and then mine. Then my brother, D and I went out for supper and a beer.

Total cost for the long weekend? $62. I found a loonie on the street during the shopping festival downtown and I didn't buy anything. I bought a sandwich which was $6 (lunch for two days) and ice cream for both of us ($7). I also paid for supper tonight which was $50 (D paid for the camping pass which was $23 for a night and two days of parking). It's a good thing I am working the rest of this week! I hope everyone had a great long weekend and enjoys the short work week woohoo!!


  1. Camping is one of the best experiences IMHO. Really lets you appreciate all the little things. You are definitely going to be sore tomorrow after all that paddling.

  2. I envy you getting some enjoyment out of camping, as its just not for me, I,m a kind of Air-conditioning en-suite kind of girl.

  3. sounds like you had an awesome time. camping is a great "vacation" type trip.