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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dating is Expensive! or at least can be...

Many of you know that I broke up with XBF in June. It was a hard decision but the right one as well. We were together for a long time, 6.5 years. He would pay for a lot of the things we did together, I contributed as well but he covered most expenses. In the beginning of our relationship I wouldn't allow it, but I became very poor very quickly and he wanted to pay for things. It made going on dates really easy.

Now that I am starting over and it's summer there are a lot of things going on and a lot of them cost money. I don't want to have to rely on someone else to pay my way. But I'm also realizing quickly that dating is expensive!! I forgot HOW quickly things can add up. A movie here, a dinner here, a tank of gas, and there goes $60.

So I've been searching for cheap date ideas. I've been to the movies on cheap night ($6 awesome). I've looked into the drive-in, see 3 new movies for $10 each, or $15 together on carload night. Movies at home are always good too. There is a band that will play every Sunday, Monday and Thursday locally for donations. I live where there is a lot of lake access and beaches so that is always a fun option as well. Who doesn't love game night?? Tonight I am going to see a free improv comedy show. Tomorrow the town closes the streets downtown for shopping and entertainment.

Dinners are always fun to go to, but they add up so quickly. So I am thinking about seeing if he would like to make something together once in a while. Kind of a fun date and a delicious result.

Do you usually split the bill on dates? What was your favourite inexpensive date?

One of my FAVOURITE dates with XBF was actually a pretty cheap date. We went grocery shopping together and picked up these Easter colouring contest sheets (for kids, we weren't going to enter the contest), and a bottle of wine. We made supper together, then I brought over some crayons (yes, every teacher has crayons in their dorm room) and we watched the Leafs play as we drank wine, had some snacks and coloured. It was so fun and did not cost very much!

My FAVOURITE date so far with D was when he had a weekday off and we met in town. We got some ice cream from a new store and walked to the falls. We then stood in the water cooling down and just talked. It was so nice and peaceful there. Total cost was about $3 each. Another easy cheap date is when we take his roommate's dog for a walk. It's fun and free :)


  1. My bf and I don't really go out on dates anymore because we're old and have been going out too long? IDK. We did designate Thursday nights 'Date Night' though but we stay in. We have a nice dinner, a bottle of wine (from the batch we make at the make your own wine place so cheapo and delish!) and then watch a movie.

    When we first started dating though it was eating out every night and we would usually go to the movies every week. Crazy!

    Next week though we're going to go to a local farm and hang out with the animals which I'm excited about. Plus, it's free!

  2. Not sure which city you live in... but my city has a tourism page. So they have things up about what events are happening around the city and you can find out what's free around town too. Personally though, I think biking and walks are the best.

  3. I always like picnics, probably because I'm very food and sun oriented, haha. My bf and I don't have date night, we just sometimes go out to dinner or see a movie, it's not that frugal. But yeah things outside, like festivals in the summer, are a cool thing to go to together.