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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boredom Busters

LOL I've been a bit bored lately. This no working thing is actually harder than I thought! My mom was laughing at me yesterday because I was cleaning out the pantry. She said "wow you must really be bored."

Yesterday I made nanimo bars, my FAVOURITE dessert. I made chocolate chip cookies today, and for supper I am going to make two types of pizza, regular and taco pizza. I haven't made taco pizza before but I saw a recipe and it looked good!

I've been listening to a LOT of music on youtube too. I think my new favourite band is Lady Antebellum. Perfect Day might be my new favourite song at the moment. Every song is very catchy and relatable.

Friend, let's call him D. He came over last night and the night before. We went for a walk and watched some a movie both nights. I think he is going to come over again tonight after work. I think we are going to watch Disney's Earth. Looks pretty interesting, like the Planet Earth series. Last night we watched Hancock which I thought was good too!

I've also been reading Harry Potter. I'm about halfway through the first book. It's getting more interesting. I think I will finish this one but not sure if I will read any of the following books. D also brought me over a book called Generation A by Douglas Coupland. Ever read any of his books before??

My friend's parents rented a cottage for the week so I will be heading there tomorrow morning for the day, yay a change of scenery!

Off to read a chapter outside now and then do some grocery shopping. Happy Thursday!


  1. Have you never read Harry Potter before?? The first 2 books are kind of childish (though I love them to pieces) but then start to really get amazing in book 3 and the rest of them following.

    I've read pretty much everything by Douglas Coupland but not Generation A. I do enjoy his other books, mostly, and I count him as one of my favorite authors. I especially love jPod and All Families Are Psychotic by him.

    Enjoy the cottage! I would love to get away for a couple days to somewhere that has some kind of body of water! Alas, on my upcoming days off I think I'll tackle some areas of my house that need some TLC, or paint!

  2. I have to agree with Kim and DFG...the HP books get much better as they go. But take it for what it's worth from me, the girl who won't read Twilight because the first 3 chapters were so bad, I couldn't go on. Everyone told me to give it until at least half way through the book, but I just can't, lol.

    Can you come and bake for us?? Love Nanaimo Bars!

  3. wow cant believe your only starting to read Harry Potter! Keep reading them because like the other commenter said they are amazing books!

  4. I'm jealous of all your free time... my pantry needs a good cleaning out!
    Enjoy your free time! Some day, if you have a family and lots of kids, you'll be too busy to clean out your pantry!!! :P

  5. i find the HP books start out slow and by the end of every single one you cannot stop reading. the first 2 are definitely for young readers, but the rest are way more adult. i'm re-reading the series right now & i've just started HP5.