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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Always An Upside

The upside of a break-up. There are some really!!

I've lost 4lbs, well it's only 3 now that I am getting back to normal. But what perfect timing for swim suit season. The heat makes me not feel as hungry as well, either that or I just don't feel like cooking anything.

I am also getting out more. I've been seeing and talking to friends a lot. Including some friends from back in elementary and high school! I went for a walk with a friend last night, and the night before went swimming and had a campfire :)

I've had a lot of time. I have looked into jobs a bit more, had time to apply to a lot of them. I am also thinking more about what I want in life. Still thinking about that one.

I have also had more time to play games, listen to music, read etc. I think I might start some sewing again soon and I have a book list with some books I would like to read this summer.

Tomorrow I am working at the rec centre and am looking forward to doing something a bit different. Getting out seeing old co-workers will be good.

I also put another $300 to my TFSA which brings me to over $2000 now yay!

Tomorrow I will stop by the bank on my way home from work and pay off my family loan. Which will make me debt-free. I will then be able to sock away a bit more in savings. Although the summer will be quite tight with the lack of income.

My old roommate is having her Bachelorette this Saturday and there is a concert on the lake on Sunday that I would like to go to. I'm glad summer is such a busy season! Any other cheap summer ideas??


  1. Congrat's on becoming Debt-Free! You've worked hard and you deserve to celebrate your success! I'm proud of you! Have you decided what you'll do with the money you can now save?

  2. Losing weight is definitely a great benefit of being single. When I broke up with my last bf, I lost 15lbs in 2 months! It really was from not eating out as much (since we were living with his parents, we ate out A LOT, mostly to get away from them ;P)

    Congrats on being debt free!!! I cannot wait until I'm there.

    For cheap summer ideas, we go to as many street festivals as we can (not sure how many of those you would have in your area) and go for walks, drinks on the patio (not restaurant), and potluck get togethers.

    Glad to hear you're doing well. Take care, Morgaine.

  3. Some summer fun ideas:
    Go to the beach
    Do a picnic or a bbq at the park
    Street festivals and events
    Swim at the rec center (or any friend who has a pool)
    Rollerblading (if you have them)