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Monday, July 26, 2010

Awesome Wedding :)

On Thursday I headed down to where my roommate lives. I met her where she would be having her wedding reception. We decorated and put on chair covers. Most of the other things were already done or would be done by the owner of the building. We then headed to her house for some supper and then got to work on wedding programs. Wow that was a ton of work!! My fingers hurt so much.

Friday we woke up early, had some breakfast and headed off to the spa. We all got our nails done and it took 5 hours. Too long, but it was fun to spend the time with the girls. Then we got some well deserved fast food. We went back to her house where I practiced my reading and the bride (roommate) worked on her rehearsal dinner speech and wedding day speech. She is SUCH a procrastinator!!

We then headed off to the church for the rehearsal. The priest was hilarious and made it really fun. Then we went to the groom's dad's house for a very fancy dinner. It was very nice! We went home and tried to go to bed early but everyone was so excited for the next day that it was hard to fall asleep.

Saturday we woke up early. The girls had their hair professionally done. My roommate did mine. Then the bride paid for everyone's make-up to be professionally done. That was very nice. The photographer came and took a ton of pictures of the bride getting ready and a bunch with the bridesmaids and her on the farm. The bride looked absolutely beautiful :) We put out a rosary on the clothesline to keep the rain from falling. It didn't work but I'm sure the pictures still turned out well.

Then the limo came. Red carpet and everything! We all jumped in and sang along to "we're going to the chapel." Got to the church and it was a beautiful wedding. A few tears before the ceremony began when she saw her grandma who they didn't think would be able to make it. But during the ceremony it was all smiles. Then we headed to the groom's dad's house again for some snacks before the reception.

The reception was great! The food was amazing, the songs they chose for dancing were great! I had a blast. I even got a centre piece! The groom grew up on a golf course and so their kissing game was a putting game where you had to get a hole in one. Also one of their favours included a golf ball with one of their engagement photos on it. It was the best wedding I have been to, just a ton of fun.

XBF was there too, but it wasn't very awkward. I think the group of people we were around made it a lot easier. It was nice to see him.

On Sunday we headed off to the groom's mom's house for brunch. Then the bride and groom opened all of their gifts. Most were household items they needed from their registry. They received a lot of really nice things. XBF and I bought them a wii (not on registry). It was a great weekend!!

Sunday night I hung out with D. We went out for Chinese food, played some boggle, then drove to a small town very close to me that I have never been to and sat on a dock and talked watching the stars. It was very nice.

For the weekend, I spent $45 on gas (filled up twice), $140 on the gift (shared the spending with XBF), and $22 on supper. It was well worth it!

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