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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keeping It Frugal

I have been keeping things fairly frugal with this lack of work. I went out for ice cream last night. I also bought some groceries earlier last week and some gasoline. Other than that I haven't spent any money. I plan on going to the movies tomorrow ($6) and will be driving to visit my roommate on Thursday (she lives 5 hours away), and we are getting our nails done (mini mani and mini pedi, not sure what the mini part means) on Friday morning (unsure of what the cost will be for that, but I'm looking forward to having my nails for the first time).

I have been watching a lot of movies and going for walks with D. During the day I have been baking and doing some cooking. I made some dips, taco pizza (mmmmm) and regular pizza, nanimo bars and chocolate chip cookies.

On Friday I went to visit a cottage my roommate's parents rented. I brought cookies. Her parents made us lunch, we spent the day swimming and lounging in the sun. We went for a walk and had a sodoku challenge! Then we went out for supper, and her parents generously paid for all of us. They also gave me some desserts they picked up :)

Friday evening I hung out with my brother and D. Saturday I went to the craft show with my mom and then some friends came over for board games. Sunday D came over and we went out for ice cream and watched a movie.

Today I researched volunteer teaching in Africa and South America. I think it is something I am interested in for next summer. The costs are close to $5000 for two months (including flight, meals and accomodations), I will need to look into other programs. I would be very interested in doing something like this. Helping to teach young kids, and getting a great experience of visiting another country. I will need to think about this some more but it is something that I would love to do. Now there is really nothing holding me back except the finances. The program does not start until mid-June though so I have time to save. Something to think about!

Tomorrow I plan on being a bit more productive around the house and make supper for the family. D called me today and asked if I would like to see Despicable Me. Tomorrow is cheap-night at the theatre $6 for all ages, so it will be a fun date :) Has anyone seen it yet? My cousin said it was very cute.

I also got an e-mail asking if I would like to work Wednesday and Friday of this week. I told them I could work the Wednesday (Friday I will be busy helping and preparing for my roommate's wedding). Turns out Wednesday is also the day they are going to Ontario Place so it will be a fun day of work and extended hours! Hope the weather is nice!

I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! I love craft shows...I could spend hours looking at the pottery and woodworking. I have to start perusing the web to see if there are going to be any in Muskoka when we go up in a few weeks.

    The volunteer opportunity sounds fabulous...that would definitely be something to strive for.

    Have fun at Ontario Place tomorrow!

  2. sounds like you're keeping frugal - and busy too. I would go a little stir crazy w/out steady work.

  3. Thanks, the Arts and Craft show was in Muskoka. There were a few things I liked but couldn't get myself to spend the money, a $60 necklace in particular. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas ;) I bought a lemonade instead.

    Yeah, I have been going a little stir crazy. My room has never been so clean! Today my car might be sparkling!

  4. Volunteering abroad is expensive! (I know this much from experience as an International Development major)

    Just thought I'd pass along a tip... I was really horified at the cost of international volunteering when I went abroad (Southern Africa in my case). Places like Travel Cuts were advertising really expensive volunteer trips!

    I wound up using Volunteers for Peace (these guys: http://www.vfp.org/) and it was WAY cheaper and a really good experience. they have a search engine, and if you're specifically interested in teaching assignments, you can put that in and it will spit out opportunities for you (I think the code is TEACH).