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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cold Season

Things are getting sorted out with the bank. I have sent off my void cheques and the bank automatically set up my bill payments online. Things are looking better. Hopefully I get paid next Friday, that will be the real test since my employers use direct deposit.

It's also that time of the year...cold season. On Monday while doing all that bank stuff my ear was killing me. I also have a cold. After the bank I went to the doctor and she told me I had an ear infection an prescribed antibiotics. An ear infection, really? I've never had one before, they are not fun though. So I'm getting over that now.

I am working an 11 hour shift tomorrow at the rec centre. Hopefully I can make it!!

I made cupcakes with buttercream frosting as well as pizza yesterday. I made the pizza dough too and it turned out well. Thicker than I typically like (I prefer thin crust usually) but it was still good. D came over and he ate 6 slices. I had 1.5 and was beyond full. He was too full to even try a cupcake!

I have no weekend plans yet and I'm okay with that. A mom did ask me to possibly look after her girls for a few hours on Saturday morning. We will see what happens. Have a great weekend :)


  1. I managed to catch a cold too! My brain feel so foggy :(
    Hope you feel better soon and have a good weekend!

  2. Gosh, your going thru a bad storm with this whole bank mess. I hope things are much more smoother and you're able to get your money back. Feel better hun, colds when the seasons are changing are the worse!


  3. This is why i avoid people with colds and wash my hands constantly....

    An ear infection eh? Maybe that's what I have. My ears are hurting a bit