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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Workin' Woman

I've been getting busier with work. I worked Monday and Tuesday. Then today I did a short shift at the rec centre. I will also be teaching Thursday and Friday. Will be teaching grade 7/8 those two days which is my least favourite grade to teach, but at least it's something. Another good thing about working so much now, is that October is a THREE paycheque month!! Yay!

October is generally a busy month. There is Thanksgiving, Halloween, and both of my brother's birthdays.

D and I were talking about Thanksgiving last night. His parents invited him to go to his grandparents house for Thanksgiving (3 hour drive). It will be a big family gathering and they plan to go for some wine tasting too. He would like to see his cousins but is not interested in the wine tasting. He said he might not even go. I said he should, it would be pretty boring here, and way less tasty.

My parents will be closing up their seasonal site so my family will not be doing anything for Thanksgiving. My best friend is coming up and her family's not doing anything either so we said we might go out for supper together. Some friends from elementary school are also planning a get-together on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend. It will be really nice to see those girls I haven't seen in a long time.

Things I want to do this October are to go on a hike and take some fall pictures before all the leaves fall. It's peak season right now and it's sooo beautiful. Maybe this weekend I can convince D to go on a walk with me if it's not raining. I also want to carve a pumpkin! What else is there to do in the fall? It won't be long before the you-know-what arrives, the dreaded s-word!!! Ahhhh!


  1. A 5 week pay month for me, yippee. Nothing special planned for October, although I have 5 birthdays to buy for, so there goes my spend less Month.

  2. I love going to the farms, you can pick apples, go on a hayride, or maybe do a corn maze!