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Friday, September 17, 2010

First Day of Work!

I worked at the child drop off centre twice this week and on Tuesday a mom of one of the kids asked me to babysit for her kids later that evening. I agreed and made a bit of extra money yay! Babysitting money is tax-free yay!

Last night I got my first call to teach. I taught today which was awesome! Hoping more calls will come in soon.

I was supposed to get my hair cut today but had to cancel because of the job. So I rescheduled for Monday morning. I am also going to get my car serviced tomorrow. Hopefully they don't find too many things wrong with it. Could be expensive, my car has been making loud sounds.

I've caught a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory, it's so funny!! I really like it. Any other fans? Sheldon is just way too cute.

D and I hung out yesterday. I made some chicken broccoli alfredo spaghetti and a ceasar salad and we watched an episode of Dexter and then just talked for several hours. It was really nice.

I developed a bunch of pictures yesterday and bought some groceries and gas. Total was $61. Hoping to have a relatively cheap weekend at the fall fair and with friends :)

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