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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My computer had somehow caught a virus. I tried the free programs to get rid of it but they weren't working. I decided to reset my computer to out of box shape. I bought an external hard-drive from Staples for $90 and loaded my pictures, videos, music, and documents onto it. D helped me to erase everything and start fresh. It's working way better now. Still not as fast as I would like it but at least it's not acting weird anymore :)

I was also having car troubles. I took it in for an oil change and they said that I needed a new muffler and brake pads. So I took it in first thing on Friday. My mom went to pick it up later that day but they said they needed to order a part and it would be done by 1pm on Saturday. I called Saturday around 4 to see if I could pick it up and no answer. So D drove me over there on Sunday to pick it up and they said they STILL weren't done! I had a teaching job on Monday so that was tricky to arrange cars. My mom ended up picking it up on Monday after she finished work. It came to $543! They estimated $360 :( They should have given me a discount for them being so delayed! Ah well, car is working much better now too.

Yes I have been working a bit more. I actually babysat on the weekend for a few hours. Then today and yesterday I taught. Both days went well. Hopefully the calls keep coming! I also got my first paystub today and they moved up what I make by $6 daily so that is nice too!  Not a huge change, but every little bit helps!

I was pretty bored last night so around 9:30 I baked chocolate chip muffins. They were so easy and turned out really well. Only took one bowl to clean up too, that's what I like!


  1. Wow, seems like you have hit a rough patch :( Hope you get better and feel better! :) Things will better! At least you have yummy chocolate chip muffins!

  2. I hate it when car companies drag you around. Once I was quoted 1,000 for some work and another company did it for 300. And I totally agree with you, every little bit helps!


  3. My last week was like that. Full of trouble. I had such a headache.. I'm glad it's all over with now.

    Sorry to hear about the troubles!

  4. I so don't trust most mechanic shops! Stay vigilent, just because they tell you you need something, doesn't mean that you do.