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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Started The New Job

I have worked two days at the "new" job. It's a childcare drop off centre at the rec centre I sometimes work at. I did this job for a while last year and was an on-call person for them when their regular person needed time off. It's a job. I get to hang around babies while their mom's workout. When no kids are around I read. Today I only had one kid and only for an hour so I got an hour and a half of reading completed. Paid to read lol.

I am hoping that supply work picks up soon. I know it's only the second day of school but I am anxious to get back into the classroom. Hopefully at least a few days this September!!

Today I also contributed $500 to my TFSA. I was going to put it toward my RSP to fully fund my goal of $1000 for the year but my TFSA is lagging as well. Hopefully I can finish those financial goals this year! Will update sidebars soon.

The lost paycheque problem has been solved. There has just been a delay of two weeks with the paycheques and the paystubs we receive have incorrect dates on them. So I still have one more paycheque from the rec centre still to receive for summer work. That also means that I'm going to have to wait several weeks to be paid for this child care drop off work I am doing now.

I hung out with D this weekend but he is terribly sick. He has an ear infection and a bad cold. I feel bad for him, it was a pretty lousy long weekend. Hopefully he feels better soon. We had a really lazy weekend because of it just watching movies and he rested a lot. Last night we had corn on the cob with supper and it was corn from his boss' garden. I love corn on the cob season! Hope you had a great long weekend!


  1. Well at last you caught the discrepancy in the money coming to you :)

  2. Roasted corn is one of my absolute FAV things to eat...yum!

  3. Whew, thank goodness the pay stub thing was corrected.

  4. It,s a sickening feeling to think you might have lost money, still all,s well that ends well.