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Monday, October 4, 2010

EEEEEeeeeeeekkkk!!!! So excited/nervous!!!!

I have my FIRST teaching interview coming up.....on Monday!!!!!!

I taught last Monday for this 1/2 split class. The regular teacher for the class was a girl I used to go to school with that is a couple of years older. Class went well, sweet class. That night I went on her facebook and she posted that she got a PERMANENT job!! I told her that was amazing and congrats and mentioned that I was in for her that day.

She writes back and asks if I am looking for an LTO and says that she will put in a good word for me with her principal. I guess she did because today at 3:00 I got a call from the principal asking for an interview! It will be held at the school at 10:15 on Monday morning. I am sooooo excited/nervous for it. There goes my weekend, now it's going to be stress-filled, lol.

I am going to read up on the curriculum and look through my past interview questions I wrote down. Any advice???? I am terrible at interviews, I get so nervous and have been told I am too modest with my answers. Teachers, are there any questions you know might be asked? Any buzzwords I should drop? Eeeeek!!!