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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quilting! Picture progress...

Well I haven't had any jobs this week. Actually I got three calls last night when I was on a walk with D and I accidentally forgot my phone at home! Oops!! Anyway, this time off has let me be productive in my quilting! Here is a taste of what I've done: (by the way it's a rag quilt defn: A quilt, usually using flannel, whose raw edges of seam allowances are exposed and then cut to form a soft fringe.)

This is what my desk looks like right now. I have cut out most of the printed flannel, but not all of the white squares yet. There is a total of 315 squares to put together this rag quilt.

My floor is covered with these 6"x6" squares laying out the pattern.

So far I have only completed 4 rows. Each with 13 squares in them. This is going to be the "rag" side (this is before I fringe the edges).

I wanted to show the back, the flat side of the quilt but it won't let me upload anymore pictures! Maybe tomrorow! It's still a work in progress, might get it done this week though if I continue not to get any calls! It's my first rag quilt, and second quilt (if you count my extremely small baby quilt I did last fall). Hopefully it turns out!


  1. That looks great! Is this your first quilt?

  2. It's technically my second. I made a baby's quilt last fall as my first sewing project (I have pictures of that one somewhere on this blog too). This is my first rag quilt though. It's much bigger too.

  3. I love rag quilts! So comfy. It looks great. I love the colours and patterns.