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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Went Shopping

Yesterday I was working in a town that is close to the only city with malls around here. About an hour away. I was only working a half-day morning so decided to go to the mall to look for a duvet cover for the afternoon. I've been wanting one for a while and it will keep me warm once winter comes!

So I looked and looked. I finally found one that I really liked but it was $200 just for the duvet cover, and then the shams were $44 each! Craziness. I wrote down the brand name and searched for it on the internet today to see if I could find it for a lower price and had no such luck. Maybe there will be a sale coming up! D said he would go "halfsies" with me if I wanted it, as a late b-day present.

Anyway I also did a bit of other shopping as well. I bought parts of TWO Christmas presents!! I bought some teaching clothes, all on sale! A pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts that have my hometown name on them (weird to see that in a city mall) on sale! It was a productive trip, I haven't added everything up yet though.

When I got home I also bought a couple of pumpkins and some Halloween candy to keep us energized while we carve pumpkins. Tomorrow we will do that and roast the seeds mmm. I still need to pick up some pumpkin carving kits. Tonight we are going to have a game night, yay!

Last night D's roommate returned from college and we watched Anchorman. I'm looking forward to game night tonight!! I worked a half-afternoon today in a really nice grade 3/4 class. Have a great night! Off to update my budget from this shopping trip :S