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Monday, October 4, 2010

Interview Today

Saturday was fairly stress-free. I made a breakfast for D and I and then we spent the day hanging out. I did some laundry and then we watched a movie that night. We are now all caught up on the Harry Potter movies :)

Sunday however was a little more stressed. I went over to D's and brought a big file folder I have full of interview material. I reviewed it for most of the day. Still never feeling 100% confident, but feeling pretty good about my experience and answers.

After supper I came home and studied some more and talked to some friends about interviews. This morning I woke up and got ready for the interview. I headed to the school and waited 10 minutes for the secretary to tell the principal I was there.

I was brought into his office which was freezing cold and was greeted by another principal from a school I have supplied at as well. They ask me about 6 questions, all of which were not on my list of prepared questions!! Grrrrrrr. However I feel that I handled the questions and answered them fairly well.

There was one that caught me offguard and it went something like, "tell us about a time when a student was misbehaving and you feel that you handled the situation wrong." I did not expect that question.

I was surprised they also didn't do the "tell me about yourself" or "why should we choose you" question. The principal said that he would contact me either way today so that is good. I have a feeling they have someone else in mind for the job, someone with a little more experience but I'm happy to have been considered and the interview itself was good experience.

The person who does get accepted for the job is going to have a busy week, the principal said that the person chosen will come in to observe the class tomrorow and then start full-time this Thursday for the rest of the year. Pretty crazy! I'll let you all know what I hear.


  1. I hope you get it!

    Interviews get easier with time. I did 4 interviews last year before I got my LTO for this semester. Although I always get asked about my qualifications and experience, I never get asked about why I should be chosen (half the time they already have a choice in mind or a reason not to hire you).

    I like the question about how you didn't handle a problem well. That would get the inexperienced teacher unfortunately, but it prepares you well for the next one (if you don't get the job).

    After one interview, your next one will be easy! I stopped 'studying' for interviews last year and just kinda went with it.