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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

I had a good thanksgiving weekend. Spent Friday working and that evening hanging out with D. Saturday D and I made lunch together and then I met up with some girl friends from elementary school for dinner and drinks. Afterward I saw D and we had a really good chat about things going on that I wasn't entirely thrilled about. Sunday I went over to a friend's house who just bought her first house and is living on the same street as me! Then D and I went to his Nana's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice to meet his Nana, she is so cute and taught us a new card game. Yesterday was a holiday so we fed his boss's 9 puppies and 2 dogs who was on a hunting trip. That was a lot of fun to see the puppies! Then we just hung out for the day. I looked into teaching overseas, and then we made supper and watched Grown Ups.

Things I am thankful for this year
-my family
-my friends and D
-the health of all those people and myself
-the fact that I have a job
-that we live in a safe country :) The news is definitely scary to watch sometimes, makes you not take what you have for granted.

What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. At the moment I am happy for my Hubby,s health.
    I am happy that this Country I now call home is safe.
    I am thankful for the hugs and xxx from my beautiful Grandchildren

  2. I'm happy for everything I do have, even though it might seem like a tough, stressful go at times