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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got Burned


Today at work the "opener" didn't show up. So I ended up being the first server in which was at the time the restaurant opened. So I started to make the coffee. I put in the grinds and then pressed start but the machine was not heated up enough so I waited and did other jobs. I came back about 10 minutes later and noticed that someone had already made a pot with those grinds. Perfect!

So I look to see if whoever was in before me had grinded up more coffee beans so I could make another pot. We typically have 3 pots going. I looked in the machine and there were coffee grinds in the bowl. Perfect. So I put it in the machine and do some other tasks in the servery.

I then notice that the pot of coffee is overflowing! I pull it out and coffee grinds and hot water start spilling all over my hand. Apparently the person who made the grinds did not put a filter in the bowl. I did not notice this when I put it in the machine.

So I pour out the coffee pot, rinse out all the grinds, I ended up spilling a bunch all over the floor and counter so I clean that up too and then my hand starts to burn like crazy. I put cool water and submerse it for a bit.

I serve a table and think it's manageable. But everytime I go outside in the sun or in the kitchen where it's warm my hand just burns. I continue to serve my table and every once in a while put cool water or a cool cloth on my hand. I also tell my manager, he tells me to be more careful and looks in the first aid kit for burn medication. There wasn't any left so he gets me some neosporin. I continue to work for another half an hour until I had tears in my eyes from the pain and a girl asked me if I was okay.

She got the manager and he told me to take the day off. I gave my table to another girl and went to the clinic in town. He said it was a 1st to 2nd degree burn and there is nothing to do for it just put cool water on it. It took an hour and 45 minutes of waiting for him to tell me that.

Frustrating day. I'm mad at myself for not noticing that someone didn't put a filter in. I am embarrassed I burned myself in the first place. It's a constant pain and I only get a bit of relief when I have something cool on it. Ouch! Kinda glad I have the next two days off.


  1. Ouch ! That's not good . Burns can be nasty. Take very good care of it.

  2. Oh no, hope you feel better soon! I burned the top of my hand in January, it hurt really badly for many hours after.

    Enjoy your 2 days off!

  3. Oh no! And shouldn't the manager have been a little more concerned?

  4. Sorry to hear you got burned. Don't be embarrassed by it though. We make mistakes. I get paper cut at work pretty often and those burn as well and are really uncomfortable. I hope it gets better soon. Keep putting cold water or a cloth on it and relax and enjoy your days home.

  5. I'm a bit surprised that the manager didn't do more ...

  6. that's a workplace injury and you should be getting paid for the day of work.

  7. I agree with TFC. You should look into that.