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Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Spending

August was a pretty busy month! It went by incredibly fast. I worked long weeks, doing two jobs sometimes full-time hours at both. D and I went camping with 3 other couples too. Here's how I did:

Car and Gas (15%) ACTUAL: 7% Had an oil change too
Phone (4%) ACTUAL: 2%
Food (4%) ACTUAL: 1%
Restaurant (4%) ACTUAL: 4% Could have done way better here. Ate out a lot this month.
Personal/Medical (6%) ACTUAL 3% Pills and some teen packs
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 5% Bought a couple shirts, a dress for prom, and birkenstock sandals
Gifts (2%) ACTUAL 2% Bought my dad a t-shirt and my mom a zip-up hoodie
Education (2%) ACTUAL 0%
Entertainment (4%) ACTUAL 1% Beer
Everything Else (3%) ACTUAL: 17% EEEK!! This was due to the computer though which I had completely saved up for. Also includes a couple camping items.
TOTAL (48%) ACTUAL 42%!! Not too bad! With a computer purchase in there it's pretty good

TFSA (35%) ACTUAL: 54% Woo!! I'm so happy with this one!
Christmas (5%) ACTUAL: 0% Done with this category now
Computer (3%) 0% I actually removed $500 to pay for a computer. It might become a camera or furniture fund now
RRSP (6%) ACTUAL: 0%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 6%

TOTAL (52%) ACTUAL 61% Woo!

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  1. I'm almost jealous but actually super stoked/happy you did so well.