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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More into TFSA

The good thing about working a lot is the money from it. I moved another $500 into the TFSA today. So that's $1800 for the month!

I spent a bit this week though too. I bought some birkenstock sandals, and a dress. Total was about $130, but I'm okay with that. The dress will be worn again and the sandals will last forever. I am interested to see how I did spending wise and saving wise this month though. I will hopefully be able to update you on that tomorrow too.

Can you believe tomorrow is September?!


  1. LOVE birkenstocks :)

    Which kind did you buy?

  2. Love Birkenstocks as FB stated! I have the slip on ones, I think the Madrid they're called? What style did you get!

  3. I know ... it's crazy that September is rolling around.

    What does your dress look like? Picture, please :)

  4. Working hard and reaping benefits from it. Totally cool. Can't wait to see you monthly update.

  5. Oh nice, I got the Gizeh ones.

    The dress is layered, it's strapless and turquoise. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it.