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Sunday, August 28, 2011

80s Prom

Did any of you actually go to your prom in the 80s?

The restaurant I work at is having an 80s prom tomorrow night for the staff. They are shutting down early and we are having dinner and drinks. There were nomination forms and there are posters in the back of house of people wanting to be voted king and queen.

I don't know if I will go. I am not very close to anyone there. We are not allowed to bring outside guests. It would have been nice to bring D. What would I wear? I only have two or three dresses, and they are not 80s style at all. Hmmm. Free dinner would be nice though.

D and I watched the last HP yesterday. It was good. I wish there was more to the series though. I guess I could always read the rest of the books if I need more.

I have one day off this week, it's Friday and I volunteered to watch the kid I work one-on-one with. Either to the camp, or just have a day in town doing fun things. I said he can choose which he would rather do, I'm hoping he chooses town activities because camp can be really hectic. So looks like I'm working another 7 day week.

Last night at work I gave $100 to that girl that was complaining. Ugh. My manager said that I needed to, but that I will also be compensated for making very little on the Sunday night. I doubt this will happen, so I might speak to a manager about it.

Fall is here soon. Only 9 more days until schools start back around here. I will start getting calls to supply teach again soon.


  1. My prom wasn't in the 80s but I didn't go to that one either. XD

    It seems kinda fun idea but it's totally up to you if you'd enjoy doing it.

  2. I went to prom in 1988...fun idea for a theme night.

    The thing to remember about the 80's if you do go is the BIG, BIG, HAIR...holy crap, what were we thinking?

  3. Pink shiny dress with puffy shoulders, crindalin(sp??) to make the bottom of the dress huge and the biggest hair you can get. Lots of back combing and the hardest hairspray ever.

  4. Unless you can find something better to do I think you could still attend, you may not be close but you are part of the staff and it could be fun. You also don't have to stay for the entire thing. The choice is yours.

  5. to have a prom theme and not be able to bring a date is a bit odd.. i probably wouldn't go either