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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Updates

Yesterday was my first day off in 15 days. It was amazing to not have to do anything. I still did some laundry and got an oil change but was fairly unproductive with the rest of my day.

My oil change was $50, and they mentioned that I have a hole in the metal on the lower part of my car but I could take it to a local company to get a piece of metal put on to cover the whole just so it doesn't get any worse. I will try to get this done soon. I'm even wondering if D could do it, if it's just a welding fix.

I only have 3 more days of the one-on-one work job I am doing then I will be free of that and will just have the restaurant job and maybe the aerial park job (kind of tired of that one) until teaching starts up more regularly.

I want to start to apply for other jobs soon so I can have some sort of job while I am teaching. Just not sure where to apply. I am thinking a restaurant though, and noticed a couple were accepting applications. This will just give me some extra income throughout the year, will help me achieve some goals sooner. Nothing will be as busy as the restaurant I am at now but it might be more relaxing.

I've stopped updating my "extra income" aside from teaching just because I met my goal and with tips I was making "extra" almost nightly. I transferred $500 from my ING Computer Fund to my regular bank account to pay it off. It hasn't shown up on my credit card statement online yet so I will first wait for that.

I was late in depositing a signed invoice for one of my one-on-one jobs so I am not going to receive that money until late September. I had hoped for it this month, but glad I didn't spend the money before getting it. It will be nice to have in September anyway since it's generally a slow month. The amount will be $1100. 

Today I'm going to add $300 to my TFSA, and $200 to Travel. My main focus for the rest of the year is going to be to try to max out that TFSA.

I've lost my library card. I could have sworn I saw it a few days ago somewhere but I can't remember where and I've looked everywhere for it. I might need to get a new one. I've had my current one for about 18 years!! Hopefully they are not costly to replace. I am almost done Hunger Games. Will finish it tonight, it's been action packed, I already recommend it.

Last night D and I watched Source Code. We both had different interpretations of the ending. His was complicated! Tonight he is coming over for supper :)


  1. Hunger games is awesome!!! I just finished the second one and its amazing!! I cant wait to read the third one :)

  2. Things are going amazing for you. Always happy to read your blog.

  3. I think replacement cards are usually under $5 depending on the city you live in. Toronto is only about $3 if I recall. Since all your bars are full, maybe you should think of new fiancial goals? Perhaps other items you wanna save for?