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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long Days

Monday night the restaurant shut down slightly early to prepare for 80s prom. I did end up going. I put together a look that day. I had a bright turquoise layered dress, then on my break I bought some gaudy jewellery. I had almost no time from the time I rushed home to the time I needed to be back so I just did my hair in a side ponytail with lots of bright make-up. It worked.

One girl had an awesome purple dress with shoulder pads. Teased her hair in a side ponytail, and completed the look with HEADGEAR. It was sooo well done. She won best costume.

I'm glad I went, it ended up being a pretty fun time, the food was pretty good too.

However, the after-effects of the party were felt yesterday. I was fine since I only had two drinks the whole night but most people got completely drunk and were not doing very well yesterday at work. Kitchen staff was decreased and so was serving staff.

I was supposed to be working a split shift and instead worked just over 12 hours straight with no break. No food break, except for the piece of bread I snuck in around noon. The host and hostess tried to make it work so I wasn't being sat for a bit in order to let me get some lunch but people just kept coming and although my tables were lessened I wasn't ever able to take a break.

Sometimes we have up to 14 servers on. Yesterday we only had 5 during the day, and 6 at night. It was really hard. My legs and feet were really sore by the end of the night. It was like powerwalking for 12 hours. Today my knee hurts but I have to go in again for a split shift. Cannot wait until Friday, my next day off :)


  1. haha I would LOVE to go to an 80's party -- even though I was nothing more than a toddler for that decade.

    In my head it's not even the 80's anymore, it's just Katy Perry's TGIF video =p lol

  2. What sort of shoes do you wear? It's important to make sure you're not hurting your back or causing unnecessary stress to your body on the job.

    Look out for yourself, because you don't want to pay for it down the road!

  3. Partying should never be on Monday night, especially when there is work the next day. Even though you had to work extra long and hard it is still good you went because you enjoyed yourself and go or not you would have still had to work harder to pick up the slack for those who couldn't make it to work.