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Friday, August 19, 2011


Yesterday while at my day job I received a phone call while on lunch break. It was a server from the restaurant calling. It was the one I felt I should perhaps give some money to since she worked that night and I don't think she made much in tips. However on the phone she was quite rude saying she talked to one of the wives of the men that was at my table and she told her that I made $340 in tips. When really I made $200 from that particular table.

She felt like I should give her a fair portion of those tips.

That night I went into work and discussed it with her. She said she had her own tab going for that table but received no tips since the restaurant completely covered their bill. I asked what the sale for her tab was and she said she couldn't remember which I seem to think is a little strange.

Anyway at the end of the night I needed to get her to sign my read and she was taking a 10 minute smoke break. Finally when she signed it she again asks about her portion of my tips from that night. I said what do you think would be fair and she said use your own discretion. I then received my tipout from the manager and talked to her about the situation.

She said another manager would be dealing with it making sure it was fair for all girls. I was to talk to him about the situation before I do anything. I go back to tell the server what the manager said and let her know that things will work out and that I can still share my tips if it's not fair. She starts getting angry and saying that it's all wrong and she is going to talk to the top managers of the company and complain. She was quite rude and I just apologized and left.

I felt really bad but she told me that management said she was going to be receiving $200 for those two nights. If I share half of my tips with her (which she believes to be $170) then I would be making a lot less than her and I know I did 90% of the work. I'll see what happens on Saturday when I go in next and talk to the manager. I honestly don't mind sharing what I made but I want to wait to see what the restaurant does first to try to make it fair.


  1. You have a lot of patience. I dont think I would be working at this place anymore. lol

  2. Wait and see. There is no point disadvantaging yourself if the company will make up the difference. Make sure whatever happens that it is fair for the both of you. I agree with how you are handling it 100%. I don't like that she was rude about it though and how she is handling it. That would make me less likely to want to share but fair is fair.

  3. I would definitely wait and see how management handles it. Rambo makes tips and sometimes during a tournament, people will short them tips and management will put comission on their checks to make it fair. Now that he is becomming the manager, he is going to be in charge of this and tip distruibiton so I am interested to see how he handles somethings.

  4. P.S So sorry she's being rude to you! That's uncalled for.