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Monday, August 22, 2011

New Computer!

I've had it with this computer! It's been causing me problems pretty much since I got it. It started to shut off randomly about a year and a half ago and has been frustrating me everyday since.

I started a computer fund and managed to save $1500 into it. Last night D and I went computer shopping online and picked out a new HP laptop to replace this Toshiba. I originally really wanted a Mac because they are really neat! But decided it wasn't worth the price and went with a PC. Maybe my next computer will be a Mac.

They said it would be shipped here by the 31st. I can't wait! It came to $514 after taxes, environment fee, and shipping. Not too bad! I remember when I bought my first laptop (a Toshiba as well) in 2003 and I paid $2000. Nothing special about it!

PS just before I tried to post this computer shut off again. Definitely time! 


  1. Enjoy your new computer. SO nice that it is all saved for.

  2. That leaves you quite a bit left in your Computer fund. Any thoughts on how you are going to use it?

    And congrats on the purchase. I hope it works much better and you enjoy it to the fullest.

  3. wow only $500? What did you get for that much?

  4. I got an HP probook. It's 15.6" display. Has windows 7 professional. 2.2GHz processor speed, and 2GB of Ram. D helped me pick it out. It will be faster than this current computer. I don't need a ton of ram since it will mostly be for internet and some word/excel documents. It was from tigerdirect.ca and they generally have some pretty good deals on electronics.

  5. That's an amazing deal. I think my computer is rather similar and an HP as well. I loooove HP's.

  6. ahhh I'm sad you didn't get a Mac =( You totally could have bought a nice macbook pro or even one of the higher end Airs for $1500 -- and it would last you soooo much longer than the HP will!

    I find Dell usually holds up the best in the PC world but working with Windows on any computer makes me want to punch my own face.

  7. i am also sad you didnt get a MAC but its your choice! :) Hope you enjoy your new computer!