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Monday, September 26, 2011

Money Updates

I started my first mutual fund. Probably not the best timing, but I put $500 in an ING MF. So far it has gone DOWN $7 ugh.

I added $750 to my TFSA. Which put me way over the $5000 limit of this year, but because I hadn't maxed out my TFSA in previous years I am still in the clear. This ALSO makes me proud to say that I have completely maxed out my TFSA! I've been able to contribute $15000 to it since the end of 2009. I think it will be used in the spring to buy a new-to-me car.

I added $300 to the Travel Fund. D and I were talking this weekend about taking a road trip to BC sometime. I would love to drive through Canada and then back through the States. We have a couple of friends and family members that live in BC. I also really want to see the mountains, and he wants to do some snowboarding!

I added $500 to what was my "Computer Fund." Now that I have a new computer it's not really necessary so I think it may turn into a camera fund. Or a start to a fund to be able to help me add more to a TFSA next year. Maybe even a furniture fund. I'm thinking once I buy a car that the TFSA will become a Down Payment Fund.

D and I are still looking for apartments. The pickings are really slim in this area. I went to view and apartment about two weeks ago and it was really nice. In town for $925 plus utitlities. But it had laundry in the apartment, it had a dishwasher and two bedrooms. But it's been rented. There is another place which is 5 minutes from where D works, but an additional 25 minutes out of the way of any of the schools I would teach at. It's an entire house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it's being rented from mid-October to May for $700 plus utilities. It's an option we may look at.


  1. Things are going awesome. Maybe it's time you change your name from Girl Makes Cents to Girl Makes Dollars or Girl Makes Dreams come true or Girl Makes awesome savings plans. You get the gist?

    By the way. How's your hand feeling?