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Monday, October 3, 2011

September Spending

September went by fast!! October is already racing away too. September ended up being a really good month for me. I probably ate out more than I should have (hard when you work at a restaurant)! But I made quite a bit of money working at the restaurant, thankfully since I had to decline THREE teaching jobs because I was already booked to work at the restaurant. Anyway, here's how I did:

Car and Gas (15%) ACTUAL: 5% Had my trunk latch fixed AGAIN as well
Phone (4%) ACTUAL: 1%
Food (4%) ACTUAL: 2%
Restaurant (4%) ACTUAL: 3%
Personal/Medical (6%) ACTUAL 7% Dentist and a haircut
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 8% Bought a lot of clothes for work
Gifts (2%) ACTUAL 1%
Education (2%) ACTUAL 3% Signed up for an American Sign Language course
Entertainment (4%) ACTUAL 0%
Everything Else (3%) ACTUAL: 1% Bought a few little things like a wine opener, cupcake items, etc

TOTAL (48%) ACTUAL 31%!! Not too bad!!

TFSA (35%) ACTUAL: 37% Woo!! I contributed a lot this month and was able to MAX IT OUT!!!
Christmas (5%) ACTUAL: 0% Done with this category now
Computer (3%) ACTUAL: 10% No longer a computer fund, money will likely go toward a camera, and then money to put toward my 2012 TFSA.
RRSP (6%) ACTUAL: 10% Bought my first Mutual Fund!!
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 6%

TOTAL (52%) ACTUAL 64% Woo! 

Goals for October will be to put more in the "computer" fund to be able to get a head start on my 2012 TFSA. Or I might just start one of those ING kick start funds to put money into until they deposit what I have in it January 2012. May need a bit more money going into the travel fund as well, as there COULD be something in the works coming up. 

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