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Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Life Updates

My cousin, her boyfriend, D and I went to a comedy show on Friday night. It was an awesome show! We laughed a lot and had a great time together. I wish we could see them more often but she lives in Toronto.

Saturday I didn't have to work until the evening so D and I went to an awesome scenic lookout close to our town. The leaves here are really pretty right now and Saturday was a perfect day. It was our first time up these trails so we got a little bit lost but it was fun.

Saturday and Sunday I worked. Made okay money those days...days are really slow at the restaurant now, but better to go there and make SOME money than to not get a teaching day. 

D is having a Thanksgiving with his parent's neighbour on Friday evening and then we were all supposed to go to his grandparents for Thanksgiving in the Niagara region this weekend but I am working. I asked to at least have Friday evening off so I could attend one of the Thanksgivings and my manager said we would talk about it on Wednesday. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Also my very exciting news is that my roommate from university became engaged LAST NIGHT!!! She called me so excited and we had a skype date this morning. Her ring is beautiful and I am sooo happy for her. He is a really great guy. She has probably dated around 10 guys since I have known her back in 2003, and after the first time I met him I told her that this was the guy she was going to marry. I've never said that to anyone else before. I'm so excited for her and I think I am also going to be one of her bridesmaids!!!! I've never been one before but am very excited for it. Purple is going to be her colour. She is getting married next summer!


  1. Weddings are always so exciting!

  2. thats great. My friend from college just got engaged too and we are going to mexico for her wedding next december.

  3. Everything sounds awesome. I hope you get the time off to go to one of the thanksgivings.