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Thursday, October 27, 2011


So I compromised with D and we are going with the one he liked better. It's not nearly as nice. It's an old historical building instead of the newly renovated one I liked. It's a bigger space but it's not nice. Like cheap cupboard doors, flourescent lighting, 70s laminate tile in the kitchen and bathroom. We will make it work though. No dishwasher. But the landlord threw in laundry for us.

However yesterday the other landlady (it's a married couple) said that we would be charged $4 per load on the honour system when her husband told us twice that it would be free. I emailed her back and she said today that in fact it would be free for the year. Lack of communication already, not too impressed.

I had to get a start on the hydro billing, transferring it to our name. D and I are going to look more into internet options in our area. I think the best option for us will be Bell which is about $45 per month with no contract.

I've started packing and I really don't mind it, I don't like moving or unpacking though ugh. Last night I bought a couple of storage containers to help with the packing and while at the store bought a couple kitchen items. Like wine glasses!! No longer drinking out of glass tumblers, we're going to be classy! I bought a jar opener because it's sooo beyond frustrating when I cannot open something and no one is around. It happens more often than it should. I bought a cheese grater since my parents sort of took over mine. And a small frying pan for the same reason.

I packed a bunch of stuff and went to storage and took out a bunch of things I will need that I had in there since I graduated university. While packing I got rid of a bunch of stuff I no longer need and clothes. Will donate the useful items to the Salvation Army here.

My parents said they plan to move into my room once I am out. I am leaving all of my teaching stuff here though which actually takes up MOST of my room. There is no need for it at the apartment since it will just take up space and I'm not teaching full-time.

There is no one living at the apartment so I asked if we could start moving some things over this weekend. I don't know if they will agree to it, but it doesn't hurt to ask! I hope to get some pictures up soon after we settle in.