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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Even More Apartments

I don't know how many apartments I have viewed since the beginning of summer, probably 8-10 though. I have liked some and hated some! I saw one last week which did not have a stove, and only included a mini-fridge. 

Anyway, D and I looked at 3 more apartments on Thursday evening. The first was not very nice. She wanted $950 for a retro loft with no laundry. The second place we went to was a girl I know, sort of a co-worker which could potentially make things awkward since she does not believe in couples living together before they are married. The meeting wasn't awkward but I know her stance.

The place she had was really nice. It was the lower level of her home. Had big windows, a gas fireplace (D loved that to be able to dry his work clothes when winter hits). It was a one bedroom plus small den. Parking for one, but additional parking was available up the road (2 minute walk). Single sink, no dishwasher, no laundry. There was laundry but it was behind a locked door and she said she would need to come down on Sundays to be able to do her laundry but she has had too many problems with former tenants to allow any future ones to do their laundry there. It was $850 inclusive with no lease.

The third place we went to was an apartment complex. It looked really dingy from the outside and we later found out that it was built in the 70s. However it is currently being renovated and the renovated apartments are really nice and modern. The one I would be most interested in was a one-bedroom. It had a full bathroom, laminate flooring, very small but modern kitchen, new dishwasher. There was coin laundry in the building. It was mostly retired people living there. There was a small balcony as well. It is $775 plus hydro on a one year lease. 

D and I talked about the places afterward and made pro and con lists. Turns out he likes the lower level apartment best because it has a really big living room, has the fireplace, and no lease. I liked the apartment complex one because it was more modern, had a dishwasher and laundry, and parking for both of us.

He said he would go for the one I liked best. We definitely need to talk more about it though but I'm excited that we found a couple we both like. Hopefully we can be moving out soon!


  1. I hope you two both found something you want! Sounds like you have good choices.

  2. I think you should go for the last one. That girl seems all weird about the laundry. lol

  3. That's great. I think you both will come to a happy decision.