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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Move In Date: November 1

Ah, so last night was a bit of a crazy night.

My brother came over. He is the one that recently split with his girlfriend (of close to 10 years). She moved out of their apartment and he is left with a two bedroom, beautiful place with a $900 plus all utilities rent. He asked me if I was still looking for a place and I said yes and he said that I could move in for $400 plus half the utilities. He told me he already asked our brother who declined. He mentioned he's going to need a roommate pretty soon.

I feel bad for him. I would love to be able to help him out, but I honestly can't live with him anymore. He's an awesome guy but we butt heads too often, he is quite pessimistic about things, and has an opinion on everything and he can bug me like no one else! It just wouldn't work.

Besides D and I had a showing and were scheduled to drop off our application to that place I loved.

The place I loved is on the river, has a balcony, first floor, 1 bedroom, dishwasher, completely renovated and modern, in an apartment complex, has lots of storage (including a storage unit), and coin laundry.

The place we viewed was right in town. Parking was across the street, it had no appliances but he said they would be in by Nov 1st. There was coin laundry but he was going to install a washer and dryer in the unit, it is a heritage building above buisnesses. It's two bedroom.

What I don't like about the river unit is that it's a small kitchen. But it's just so modern looking with enough storage that I can look past that.

What I don't like about the in town building is that it's old (nothing modern about it), it wasn't clean, had no dishwasher, appliances weren't in the unit so we have no idea what we would be getting, it had florescent lighting, little counter space (even though the kitchen was bigger), and parking is across a busy street. A balcony would just be bonus.

D likes the in town building WAYYY better. I liked the river one WAYY better. We discussed it for over an hour. He likes the in town one more because he would have the space to hang his dirty work clothes. I was trying to describe how there would be space for it at the other place but he disagreed, and said it would be bad looking and smelly. He liked the idea of a separate room for it. Ugh. The other one would just make me happier!

I finally agreed that if it came down to it, that I would compromise and we could live in the town apartment but he would have to do all the dishes. The river one is ours if we want it, the in-town building is ours if a couple decides they don't want it tonight. We will know around 4:30 today. I hope that couple pulls through and decides to get it!!

Either way, we have a move-in date set for November 1st! Eeek!


  1. Congrats!

    Don't feel bad saying no to your brother. You have your own life to lead!

  2. It's going to be awesome. I wish you the best.

  3. wow, I am sorry to hear about your brother that sucks! But how cool is it that your getting your own place!! Congrat's