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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A, B, C's of me...

Many bloggers are doing this. I hope you play along too if you haven't already done so!
A-Age: 26
B-Bed Size - double
C-Chore you hate – putting away clean clothes
D-Dogs – LOVE them, inherited a little toy fox terrier who is AWESOME! 
E-Essential start to your day – dog cuddles, and breakfast
F-Favourite Colour- blue
G-Gold or Silver – silver...or white gold!
H-Height - 5'6" wouldn't mind being just a tiny bit shorter!
I- Interests – reading, board games, baking
J-Job Title- supply teacher
K-Kids – none yet
L-Live – a couple hours north of Toronto
M-Mothers Name – Rita
N-Nickname - Jayy
O-Overnight hospital stays – none! 
P-Pet Peeves – slow drivers
Q-Quotes from films – "Pretty bird" Hehe I'm sure there are better. 
R-Right or Left Handed – right
S-Siblings – 2 younger brothers
T-Time you wake up - usually get up around 7
U-Underwear – yes
V-Vegetables you hate – carrots and mushrooms...gross!
W-What makes you run late –  boyfriend!
X-X-Rays you’ve had – lots of teeth x-rays, foot, leg...broke both!
Y-Yummy food that you make – desserts
Z-Zoo animals – monkeys and penguins