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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear 16-Year-Old Me

Important message, skip those tanning beds.


  1. Good message. My daughter went a couple of times but not anymore thank god! Though I have a thing or two to learn too. Had a bike ride yesterday and didn't put sunblock on my arms - they're a bit pink today - so time to get slathered up! Even though it's still cool the sun can still burn!

  2. This just convinced me that a red freckle that appeared on my palm yesterday was melanoma. I started googling images and then taking photos to send to my friend that's an oncologist. I vowed to never go out in the sun again. I worried that I would have to start chemotherapy as soon as I got home. What if my hair fell out? What if radiation made me infertile?

    Examining the freckle over and over I noticed that it changed shape. I picked at it... It came off.

    Not cancer!

    Do you think I'm a hypochondriac?

  3. Hahahaha hithatsmybike I laughed out loud with your comment.

    Jane, I've already burned my nose this spring! I got a nice sunglasses tan. Ugh. I'm a fair skinned girl (darn those genes) so gotta remember the sunscreen as much as I hate it.

  4. Wow. Very powerful. I'm inpsired to do my own version.

  5. Awesome video. I'm e-mailing this out to all my students. Maybe I can even dream up a way to have them study it as an example of effective communication. If that doesn't get their attention, nothing will. ;-)