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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting To Know Me

I stole this from Shaking the Money Tree. I encourage you to do it as well. Always fun!

A - Age 25
B - Bed Size - Double
C - Chore I Hate - Putting away clean laundry, I don't mind the washing and folding
D - Dogs? Just inherited one :) A little toy-fox terrier
E - Essential start of the day - breakfast obviously!
F - Favourite Colour - blue
G - Gold or Silver - Silver....or white gold hehe
H - Height - 5 foot 6
I - Instruments I play - I can play a mean triangle
J - Job - Supply Teacher
K - Kids - one day...I hope!
L - Love - books
M - Mom's Name - Rita
N - Nickname - Jayy
O - Overnight Hospital stays - None, knock on wood
P - Pet Peeve - people that drive under the speed limit
Q - Quote - Don't worry, be happy
R - Right or left handed - Right
S - Siblings - 2 brothers
T - Time I wake up - 6:30 most weekdays
U - Underwear - gotta have it, I kinda like the low-rise boy style
V - Veggie I dislike - carrots, eww
W - What makes me late - my boyfriend, we're ALWAYS late!! 20 minutes late to yesterday's movie
X - Xrays - leg (broken), foot (broken), teeth
Y - Yummy food I make - cookies and pizza
Z - Zoo Animal - the chimpanzees, I could honestly watch them ALL day!


  1. I did this today too. I added a link to yours as well.

  2. I couldent work out how to cut and paste this, however now I know you a little better.

  3. I also have clean laundry sitting in piles around my room!

  4. And do you go into the theatre anyway? (I guess you did because you saw the movie.) Doesn't it bother you to get there late?