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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots of Updates!

The consumerist linked to my blog. Crazy I know! It made my blog get a lot of comments, and even more on their blog. So if you need any waitressing tips click that link! Very helpful, I am still quite nervous about the job but the overall tip is to be friendly and smile, be polite and get the manager if there is a problem.

Now D and I went to this restaurant I have been hired at on Monday. It was busy! We were not expecting that on a Monday night in a small cottage town. The menu is extensive. The place is huge! I would guess about 200 people could be seated including the patio. It was really nice though. Our waitress was awesome and super knowledgeable. I am not. I hope they help us during training.

Last night D and I went to see Thor. It was better than I was expecting. I was expecting all action but there was some humour in there too. Natalie Portman is always great! The drive-in near us is now open too and they often have 3-4 movies for $12 so I am going to try and convince D to come with me to a showing.

D and I dog sat this weekend at his boss' house. It was actually fun. He has a huge house. I got to drive an excavator, I read a lot of my book while D practiced welding, we made supper together, and had a wine and wii party.

Today is my grandpa's burial. It's only immediate family going so I am going to be having my first staff meeting with the aerial tree job. First paid day! Although it will only be a couple of hours. I think I will visit my grandpa's house afterward to see family and see what his house looks like. There have been painters and cleaners in there, so it should look pretty nice.

I made my roommate's baby shower gift yesterday. It's a diaper cake. If you have never seen one before I will post pictures of the one I made hopefully tomorrow. It turned out better than I expected. My mom loves it and she thinks I should make a business out of it, lol. It was fun to do but also a lot of work. Her baby shower isn't until mid-July but I got excited about it. I think I also want to make her a taggie blanket to go with it, more on that soon too! I already have fabric picked out :)

Monday I had my meeting with the respite care organizer. It sounds pretty much like I am hired as long as my police check goes through and references say nice things about me. She already told me she has a boy in mind for me to work with. If all works out it should be good and everything seems very flexible. We set up meetings with parents to determine rate-of-pay and when they need respite care. It will be a good way to gain some experience working with people with exceptionalities and help out parents in the community.

I received my first phone bill with the new plan about a week ago. How annoying is it that my billing period is the 7th but I didn't get the phone until the 5th. So I really only had 2 days to play with it before I was billed for an entire month. I ALSO had to pay my last phone bill with my previous provider. In addition to purchasing the phone I've paid over $150 in phone expenses this month! Eeek!

I added $250 to Travel and $50 to Computer Fund. The next amount goes to the TFSA. Okay I think that's it!


  1. Good to see you at it again and everything seems to be going well :)

  2. Yay for being consumerised! *high fives*

  3. How about coming to Oz and waitressing for us, I am dreading having to interview staff