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Monday, January 16, 2012

Furniture Lust and More Bad Management

I am sort of in love with a living room set from Leon's. It's not on sale though and with the sofa, love seat and chair it's $1200. Not horrible but it's not needed. We HAVE all of those things. They are just mix-matched and completely ugly! 

I bought curtains for our place yesterday. However D didn't like the colour I chose. So we are going to put them in the spare room and I will go back and get some more curtains and rods today. Hopefully in a more suiting colour. 

My friend and her boyfriend came over on Saturday  for dinner. D and I had made chili, it was so delicious! Then yesterday I worked. Worked for 4 hours and only had one table!! It was extremely boring, but I suppose that is January for you! I went back for a dinner shift and had three tables all of whom were good tippers so it was worth it. 

Want to hear another bad management story?? Well this happened maybe a week and a half ago, the manager is also the bartender. Anyway there was a couple sitting at the bar and he poured them the drinks that they ordered. They then decided to sit at a table in my section. So my manager lets me know this and tells me that he has not rang in the drinks he served them and tells me what they are so I can do so. I ring them in right away and then a couple of minutes later I see that the exact drinks he asked me to ring in were sitting at the bar. Oops, so I go over and say that I didn't need them that they were the drinks he just asked me to put in the computer. He gets mad and says, "you are supposed to write DON'T MAKE when you ring them in." I apologize and say I didn't know. He then replies and says, "and YOU educate children??" It just was uncalled for, what a jerk! 


  1. Wow your manager sounds horrible!

  2. What an idiot. Sounds like an arrogant bastard. But anyway, what's your chili recipe? It sounds so good right now...it's raining here.

  3. wow that is so rude... I probably would have said something snotty back. I mean, the man is a bartender, it's not exactly an intellectual career so he doesn't really have grounds to make statements like that!

  4. *sigh*

    I've been lucky enough to be working with pretty good-hearted people the past year. I haven't had any nasty comments made at me. You definitely have more patience than I do!!! I would probably have quit right than and there!

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