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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Off To A Good Start With Saving!

Already starting to save this year! As I mentioned earlier, I didn't get to much saving in December. Time slipped away from me. So I did have some extra money laying around. Here's what I have done so far with it:
$800 to TFSA
$300 to Christmas
$200 to Camera/Furniture Fund
$200 to RRSP
$100 to Travel Fund

Also I think I am going to have to change one of my goals. I had originally said that I want to add $4500 to my TFSA, but forgot that I had another $1000 in that jump-start TFSA, so I really only have $3500 of contribution room....and now $2700! Definitely doable....Although I plan on taking a big chunk OUT of this likely in the spring to buy a car.

I've been teaching everyday this week so hopefully in February (when I actually receive the paycheque for this work) I will be able to do some more saving! It makes me excited haha.

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  1. Wow. That's great. That's definitely impressive! Keep at it.