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Monday, January 2, 2012

Laundry Issues

When we moved into this apartment our landlord (it's a husband/wife team) said that he would install laundry in our apartment. Awesome. But he got to looking at it and it would be really difficult to put it directly into our apartment. He asked if it would be alright if he could install laundry next door and give us access to it for free. I said that would be fine. It would actually be less expensive to us since we wouldn't be paying the hydro on it. He said it would be installed mid-December.

The landlady e-mails me a bit after we move in saying that laundry would be installed next door and that we would have to pay $4 per load and it would be based on the honour system, we would pay them cash for the amount we used at the beginning of every month. I e-mailed her back saying this was different from what her husband was saying earlier. She checked in with him and apologized but mentioned that we would still be charged if the water usage was too high.

So mid-December rolls around and I e-mail them asking when we can expect to have laundry. She says she will drop us off a key. Great...except once she does I check the place and it's a coin laundry shared with 5 other apartments. I e-mail her back saying I thought we had agreed laundry would be free to us for one year. She replies saying things like, "as you may recall we gave you a brand new out of the box stove and fridge, as well as completely renovated your bathroom." I appreciated all of those things but never asked for or expected them. She goes on to say that laundry will be installed at their schedule and at their expense and if we choose not to use the laundry facilities that they provided that we can simply return the key to her.

Ugh. Extremely frustrating since I have been doing laundry at the laundromat in town which is inconvenient and I was hoping we would have access to free laundry soon. I haven't replied to her yet and am not too sure as to how to respond. D thinks they are never going to install laundry for us. I want to ask when we can expect it to be installed but don't know if I should respond at all. Her husband is way nicer to deal with. Any ideas on how to reply?


  1. Wow I can't believe that. She's making it sound like she's going out of her way for you, but she actually already promised it. I'm sorry, hope this gets cleared up.

  2. If it is not in writing with the husband (email or on your lease) - it would be expected that you can pretty much expect that you will not have access to free laundry. Most rentals do not have free laundry (on site or laundry mat) - so you are likely going to come to the realization that you will be paying for laundry.

    When I rented - while there was onsite coin laundry outside my apartment door - I choose to go the laundry mat around the corner since I could do all my loads at the same time and be done in less time than dealing with the coin laundry that 3 units shared. And it turned out to be a bit cheaper since the dryers actually dried on one cycle for less cost.

  3. Yeah I'm coming to that realization. I don't think we are going to have access to laundry here. It is in writing through e-mails that we would have free laundry for one year. However a specific date is not mentioned in e-mails, only verbally. I'm assuming the date is going to be never.

  4. GAH!

    I agree with Anonymous. Can't you make invoices and make them reimburse you for the laundromat at least?

    I mean it does say in the emails: FREE LAUNDRY FOR ONE YEAR.

    They should at least pay for your expenses.

  5. Can you and D get them in a room together, with printouts of the emails, and say that you're very unhappy that the agreement that was made before you moved in has not been honored? That way they can't play he said, she said games with you. If they can't give you a date, I'd suggest to them what FB suggests: that you're happy to provide invoices/receipts and deduct the laundry costs off of your rent.

    Keep in mind that if the apartment was advertised this way and you have emails confirming it, you may have a case for the BBB to file a complaint of fraudulent advertising. I wouldn't pursue it while still living there (and maybe not at all, depending on the amount of money) but I sure would use it as a negotiating tactic. They're assuming no one will ever call them on this - but you don't have to let them get away with it!

  6. This surely a case of fraudulent advertising, if gain advantage over other apartment owners because of these promises I guess the best move if I were you is to file a complaint. satellite direct, Hope this get cleared soon.

  7. Not to be agressive ( because I'm the most passive aggressive person EVER) but it sounds like you need to print off the emails, arrange a meeting with them and simply explain what is it that needs to be done and are you going to have free laundry. If not, oh well, but they need to let YOU know.

  8. I don't know what to say but I think everyone so far gave you good advice so I would go with that.

    I like the reimbursement idea.