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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spending in 2011

I think it's neat to see the trends in spending over the year. I tracked all my expenditures this year!

I ended up saving more than I spent :) :) My biggest expense was "Gas and Car" I spent $425 on car needs and the rest on gas. The biggest driving month being September.

The second highest category and not far off was labelled "Everything Else" this includes  things I buy for the house, alcohol, things for myself (other than clothing), electronics.

My lowest spending category was "Education" with just $505 spent there, mostly on Sign Language courses, although I did take a Smart Serve and Boating course as well.

I spent $1310 on Gifts throughout the year. I am okay with this.

$1719 on Clothing. Yikes, how does this happen? I had a big shopping trip in April, I also bought some footwear. Wow clothing can sure add up fast. I want this to be a smaller amount for next year. Buying only items I love or need.

$1205 went to Personal Items. This was mostly haircuts and prescriptions. I really wish I had a drug plan. I am okay with this amount as well.

$813 was spent on my phone. This includes monthly bills and the upgrade I did to get a new HTC smartphone.

Restaurant spending was $986, and Food spending was $989. I expect restaurant spending to go down and food spending to go way up for next year. I did spend a lot on restaurant food in the summer months when I was serving and working late hours. I would often buy food from the restaurant or on my way home after a late day.

Now let's talk about the savings!!

Just over $10,000 was saved into my TFSA last year! This was allowed since I had a lot of contribution room to make up for. I am very pleased with this!

I managed to save $800 into Christmas savings and used $600 of it in December.

What started as a computer fund, I saved $3100. I removed $500 to buy a computer so now have $2600 sitting there for what I may end up spending on a camera.

I saved $2000 into RRSPs! Finally getting a start with those.

Also $1500 went toward a Travel Fund. Maybe 2012 holds some travelling plans?

My Emergency Fund is just my regular bank account so that I have easy access to it if needed. Last year I kept it up to $1500. This year my plan is to keep it at a minimum of $2500.

I am pleased with the way 2012 went. I think several of my funds will end up being depleted this year for some big purchases but I also hope to save quite a bit as well. I think this spring I will begin looking for a new-to-me car which is going to drain my TFSA but that was the plan all along. I hope 2012 is another good financial year!!


  1. I'm always surprised by how much I spend when I go shopping, it's crazy!

  2. That's awesome you saved $10K for your TFSA.

    On an ironic note, while you spent least for education, I spent it the most last year. >_<