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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas is Coming!!

One month left to finish ALL the Christmas shopping!! No one has given me lists, or at least REAL lists. Both of my brothers told me they like beer. Beer to me just doesn't seem like a Christmas present. Ah well, if they can't think of anything else they want then I may just go with beer and possibly a gift card.

Although I was thinking about bringing back the stockings to my house. We haven't done stockings in a few years and I miss them. So maybe I can find stocking things, along with beer to give.

I am still thinking about Ds gift. Ah that is going to be the hardest one to do. Work clothes, but that just seems boring. I dunno, still time to think I guess.

My parents, hmmm. My mom said that my dad is likely going to buy a TV for downstairs. He wants to "modernize." She said there is a TV stand they like at Home Depot, but didn't have a picture and I don't want to get the wrong one. She said that my brothers and I could go in on it together to get it. I had originally wanted to get them new table and chairs for the kitchen, but again not sure what they would want exactly. Then I thought about how my mom used to really want a wii. I have one and they use it sometimes. But it would be nice to have their own. My dad wants a blue ray player for the new TV he's getting. So I thought why not get them a PS3 with Move. It's new and I'm not sure how great it will be since there are only a few games out. But she can play the active games like wii has, and he can watch blue-ray movies. Win-win?

There is also the Xbox Kinect that looks pretty neat. But the problem with that one is that it uses no remote, just a camera and so you need a big clear space to move around in. No people or objects in that area, and where my dad wants to put the TV there just really isn't enough space to be able to do that. Anyone have either of these? Played them?

I bought my cousin a board game. My roommates I have small things and I'm going to also give them pillow slips I'm going to make soon. Going shopping this weekend. Hope to get several things crossed off my list!


  1. I really liked the Wii. I haven't played the PS3 with Move, but it looks good

  2. I bought my 26+ year old son an assortment of 12 650ml craft beers for Christmas one year, and he really liked it.

  3. Just the Grandchildren getting presents from us this year, as we are all recovering financially from The Wedding.

    I thought I would get the two oldest a DS probably the one with a camera, and my littlest Granddaughter probably something she can use in a swimming pool as they are moving into a bigger home with pool just before Christmas.

  4. Jessie's Mom, that sounds good! My brother works at a microbrewery and loves to sample other brewery's beers so that would be a good idea. I'll see if the have something like that at our local beer store :) Good idea!

    Ah yes weddings definitely make you poor! The grandkids will love those gifts!

    FB I agree, it looks good! I've only seen it online but it looks neat.

  5. For your brothers too, maybe you could get a gift certificate for a brewery that they could go and try the samplers and have some dinner together? Not sure, they might just like a case better.

    And I think the Playstation is great idea. They can stream Netflix right on the Playstation too, if they have that or want it.

  6. Why not a GC to Home Depot then? That way, they can use it for the exact one?