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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Coming Up

I'm going to the big city (Toronto that is) this weekend with my old roommates! I haven't seen them in a really long time, I think since the end of July!! So it will be nice to catch up. We plan on going to a Wine and Food Festival on the Saturday and then to the Santa Claus Parade on the Sunday. It should be interesting.

Yesterday D got off work early so we went to his parent's house so he could pick up some mail. His dad was wondering what his plans were for Christmas and invited me to the family Christmas parties as well. That was a nice gesture :) Last night D and I watched She's Out of Your League. I thought it was pretty funny and had some cute parts to it as well.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Admittedly I'm going to watch Harry Potter in theatres... I have free movie tickets so it will be *sorta* free if I don't buy popcorn lol. Have fun in Toronto!

  2. We are just going to try and take it easy. stay home, relax. the craziness of the Christmas shopping is all done. I grew up in Toronto have fun.



  3. I'll be at the Food and Wine Show as well as the Parade too!

    I purchased tickets ahead of time because the lineup can get super long. I entered the promo code VIPGUEST for $3 off to help save some money for what I'm sure will be a pricey evening. I'm hoping to stick with only $30 worth of sampling tickets.

  4. cool. sounds like you'll have a great time.

    I have 2 words regarding my weekend: HARRY POTTER. WOOT!

  5. All my interstate family are going home this weekend so it will be a sad weekend for me.

    Saw Harry Potter yesterday and loved it.

  6. Oooh nice! I NEED to see Harry Potter soon. I am hoping maybe I will be able to see it some point this week in 3D. Gotta go to the city to do that, but it will be cool!