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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Update!

I bought skates!! I went with hockey skates. And apparently my feet are pretty small so I was able to fit in a boy's size 4 and save money that way along with the pair I got being on sale! It was $71.99 for a pair of Easton skates. I'm so happy with them, now just to get some ice time.

D and I made Chili on Thursday and banana pancakes on Friday :) Of course we listened to Jack Johnson's banana pancake song while eating them :)

Today he and I drove to his Nana's house where D and his dad helped to take down a tree in her yard. I did some errands and washed my car while I waited and then Nana and I "snoopervised" the boys work. It was nice to talk with his grandma. He has such a nice family.

I am about half way through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It's getting better. It was a slow start with all those character names I thought I needed to remember. Hope to finish it by the end of this month, but I've been taking my time with this. Definitely won't reach my 12 books for the year goal :(


  1. Skating is great exercise!!! Good for you :-)

    I thought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was slow going in some parts too, but it is worth it to get through those parts :-)

  2. I agree, it definitely picks up later and then you can't put it down!