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Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

It's snowing!!!

Snow and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the look and some of the activities it allows me to do, but I really dislike having to drive in it, the damage the salt does to my car, having to brush off the car, the coldness, the wetness...

Well D is going to put on my winter tires next week. I also want to purchase some skates. I am one of those few Canadians that is a terrible skater. I wonder if figure skates or hockey skates are the way to go? Which are easier to learn in??

Christmas is also coming! I am so glad I have saved up for it. It will make December a lot easier! I have $800 saved to spent. I may or may not end up using all of that. So far I have noooo idea what to get anyone! I'm hoping people will start dropping hints soon. No procrastination this year!! I need to buy for at least 8 people.


  1. I would definitely recommend hockey skates. Figure skates have that toe pick that makes it hard to learn. Either that or get someone to shave off the bottom toe pick. Check out somewhere like Play it Again Sports for a used pair of skates.


    I had figure skates as a kid and kept falling. Hockey skates really grip onto your feet better than figure skates (a more solid design)

  3. Definitely hockey skates! I'm learning myself and the guy at the store told me to stay far away from figure skates as a beginning.

    I also secretly wear rollerblading wristguards under my mitts cuz I'm a clutz.

  4. What is that movie where the NHL star takes up pairs figuring skating? first face plant he does and she smiles sweetly and calls out 'toe pick'!! lol

  5. @Jolie - The Cutting Edge


    Girl - I hate snow. I'm not looking forward to the first snow. But I am longing already for the last. ;)

  6. Yeah, none of my family has given me ideas either... even when prodded. I've decided to be an obnoxious daughter and send my mom links of all the horrible things I'll buy her if she doesn't give me ideas (think suspenders). Hasn't worked so far though, haha.