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Monday, November 15, 2010

How Often Do You Update Your Budget?

I wonder how often you update your budget? I used to update it daily, or whenever I spent or saved something, which worked out to be almost daily. Now I update it about once a week and that is due to the fact that my spreadsheet is no longer on my computer, it's on my external hard-drive, and the fact that I'm getting lazier with it. It's still accurate when I update it though so it really doesn't make a difference.

How often do you tweak/change your budget? I have a column in my budget that I try to stick to approximate values monthly based on the low average I make each month. With my income fluctuating so much it's usually off and I no longer have debt so that one is off by a lot. I just try to spend a low amount and save a high amount each month. It works but I think I could do better. I think I may try to tweak the budget a bit more for the new year since some items are obsolete and others need to be added (car fund, computer fund).

D and I made bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers last night. They were as good as they sound! WARNING though, if you do make them, wear gloves when cutting and scraping out the insides of the jalapenos. We did not and I touched below my eye and he touched his eye after we both rinsed our hands and they were BURNING! It was quite funny afterwards, but painful at the time!!

I am also getting my hair cut and highlighted today. I cannot wait, it's been since September I think, usually I go every 3 months to extend the budget but it's needed now. I think I will ask for them to thin my hair out a little too, I think that might make it a bit easier to straighten.


  1. Every time I spend, I update it, pay the item and put the receipt away.

    Every time I make money, I update it and keep track of my income like that.

    The major updates always happen at the end of the month for me.

  2. I use Mint.com and I have a check it multiple times a day. I have the Mint app on my phone so it comes in handy. I also categorize all my expenses right away before I forget so that my budget is updated. I look at my budget everyday!

    Btw, I added your blog to my favorites :)

  3. I used to update daily, then I started to get lazy too. I even downloaded excel on my iPad because I figured it would help me update it every single time I spend, since i carry the iPad with me everywhere, but it's not happening. I'm trying to get better with it though, because I find that when I'm not logging it down on my budget I tend to spend more than I budget for.

  4. BTW... bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers?! Did you make them from scratch? I would love to see the recipe. Or if you used frozen jalapeno poppers that's ok too!

  5. Im starting to have a love/hate relationship with budgeting. Part of me feels like its a good idea to atleast have some sort of outline as to how you want to spend your money. But then if i go over in certain categories i feel like i "failed" which is ridiculous. BEcause as long as you are spending less than you make thats the most important thing right? So soemtimes I feel like there is really no point, cause as long as you put away what you need to save, then who cares how you spend the rest of it?

  6. I update the day-to-day budget whenever one of us spend money. It all gets accounted for. I also create a calendar each month with all our expenses on it based on the days the expenses are due to be paid. As the expenses get paid, I check off the amount so I no longer have to make sure that amount is in my bank account. I check my bank balances almost daily.

    As for tweaking the actual budget, that gets done monthly as I create the next month's calendar. I factor in all the expenses and determine if I end up with a balanced budget for the month (I have a variable income too).

    And lastly, the jar amounts that cover groceries, car gasoline, entertainment, children's expenses and miscellaneous expenses gets reviewed and tweaked once every 6 months or when needed. We adjusted it last in September and we're good to carry on with the same jar budget ($1450 plus kids' allowances) till Feb or March, when we re-evaluate our ongoing needs.

  7. Thanks for the replies! It's difficult to track daily! I used to be so keen and check my balances at least once a day too, now that I am out of debt I'm finding I don't feel the need to, I check it about once a week now.

    As for the jalapeno poppers. We cut the jalapenos in half and scooped out the insides. Filled them generously with plain cream cheese and wrapped a whole piece of bacon around them. Then secured it with a toothpick. We baked them for about 20 minutes at 375 degrees. Mmmm.

    Warning though, it would be smart to wear gloves when making them! Learned that the hard way :)

  8. It’s better idea to manage your budget on daily basis to restrict yourself in your monthly budget. At the end of month the money remains is transfer to saving account or emergency account. Crating a calendar is amazing idea to save your money.

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