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Monday, November 22, 2010

Need More Work!!

I worked 3 days two weeks ago (2 of them half days) and 2 days last week (one of them not teaching). I NEED more work. I have things to save for and need money to spend! Last year around this time was awesome. H2N1 was in full force and I was getting work nearly everyday! Hopefully it picks up soon.

I had a pretty good weekend. Visited my two roommates from university in Toronto. We got to Toronto late-ish on Friday night, had some supper and chatted until 2am. It was nice to catch up. We had been planning on going to the Wine and Food Expo for a couple of months. Then Friday my one roommate (the one that got married in July) says to us that she is excited to go but she can't drink any wine. It took about a half-second to realize what she was telling us! She is having a baby!! She is 12 weeks pregnant, wow!

It was pretty exciting news. She is a bit stressed financially but her husband just got a new job that pays really well so that will help. She will be the first of my close friends to have a kid. I'm very excited for her!

Saturday we went out to the Wine and Food Expo. I wasn't overly impressed. We bought tickets ahead of time and still had to wait in line for nearly 2 hours. It was totally overcrowded and overpriced. I would have much rather gone out for supper and had a better meal for a less expensive price. Ah well!

Sunday we planned on going to the Santa Claus parade but it was too busy and my roommate thought it started earlier than it actually did so we didn't end up going. We played a game and went out for ice cream instead (just as good). I left and visited my cousin who also lives in Toronto then drove home. I went to D's and we watched Vantage Point. Overall it was a good weekend. D and I are going to be doing something tonight, gotta think of something!

It seems like today is going to be another day of no work, so I hope to at least do some productive things around the house. *Sigh*


  1. I find it kind of funny that you hope people get sick so you can fill in :) A bit macabre to laugh at it, but... still

    I hope you get more work

  2. I was thinking the same thing as FB.... I hope you get more work w/out incident from the people you are helping.

  3. More work is great, but why not spend the time you are not working by working on finding more work?

    When I was graduating from college, they had a guy come in to do a seminar on job searching. One of the things he said stuck with me "If you don't have a full time job, then your full time job is looking for work"

    just figured I'd share that as a thought. Good luck with trying to get more work.



  4. I don't actually hope that people get sick. I more wish that they would go Christmas shopping during the school day. I was just comparing last year around this time to this year, and it's a LOT slower. :(

    I have been looking for work. I apply to jobs nearly everday that I'm off, and sometimes on days I do work as well. A lot of supply teachers have been complaining about how slow November has been for them on a forum we have with the board. Hopefully it picks up soon!

  5. Ooo I always wanted to go to a Food and Wine festival! I guess it sounds like they might not be as good as they sound though...

    And good luck finding more work! It's always stressful when you need more money than you are getting.