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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Good Thing About Working On Weekends....

is that you are less likely to spend money on weekends. It's far less tempting because I'm just busy. When I'm done work sometimes I have the urge to stop somewhere for something to eat because I'm tired and don't want to cook myself, but I've resisted that knowing I have food at home.

I worked 9 hours on Saturday and a short 3.5 hour shift on Sunday. It was pretty fun working this weekend. I start training for the restaurant position this evening! I haven't heard from them in about 6 weeks so it's going to be a little weird going in there tonight. I hope other people are being trained at the same time.

I received an e-mail from the respite position coordinator where I will be working this summer. She just gave me the days and told me a little more information about the kids. I am going to meet with the moms soon enough! I already know one of the kids from working at the rec centre, and I've volunteered in his class a couple of years ago. Hopefully I can meet with the moms really soon!

This weekend D and I had supper together on Friday and watched the hockey game. Woo, common Vancouver tonight! We went out for breakfast before I had to work on Saturday. Then D, his friend and I watched Watchmen last night.


  1. You are completely right about working and not only on weekends, any day you work you are likely to spend less.

    Still amazing you ended up with so many jobs and able to keep and manage them all. It's almost unbelievable.

    Overall it seems you had a great weekend :) Keep enjoying life.

  2. I love my weekends work-free but you are totally right..if I worked on weekends maybe I wouldn't spend money. I do so good during the week then blow it all on the weekend =(

  3. I worked 9 hours today too and I have been bad with making food. It's definitely tempting to just throw money at a quick meal. We must try harder!!!