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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Summer!

It's been a busy June. I actually got a call to work a half-day ECE job today but I held out hoping a teaching posting would come up. And nothing did. So I have the day off, ugh.

I think I am going to take the ECE jobs off my qualifications next year just because the pay is pretty low, it's a 40 minute drive each way and they are generally half-days. I think after taxes I earn less than what I would babysitting which is less than minimum wage.

Anyway, I worked Friday at the restaurant. I followed around two male waiters. The first guy was a great teacher and let me do quite a bit. The other pretty much just had me follow him around and ocassionally let me do things. My next day of training is not until Thursday where I will be running food and doing expo (not too sure what that is yet). So far the people seem pretty nice though and it will be better once I get the hang of things more.

This weekend I took a CPR/First Aid course. So I am now certified again. My last certification actually expires TODAY so it was perfect timing. They changed a couple rules to make it simple.

While at the CPR course I started talking to this girl who is also a supply teacher. She and her fiance (also a supply teacher) have grown kind of tired of the system and not being able to get a job within our board and are moving to Kuwait for two years starting in August. I've read about this and started looking into international teaching positions again. I should have got her e-mail to find out what it's actually like teaching there.

I am also still working on my boater's exam. They made the course way harder and added more questions. There is a total of 7 modules and I need to complete the last one before I can do the exam. Each module also has 10 practice questions and you need to get 80% on those in order to move onto the next module or you have to redo it.

I taught yesterday for an amazing grade three class. I hope I have the teaching skills that teacher does to one day have my class behave that well. Such a pleasure teaching in classes like that!

My university roommate had her baby on Wednesday!! A little girl, I made the diaper cake, and the taggy. I'm going to make another taggy and I bought her a baby girl John Deere onsie, dress, and hat. Very cute!

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  1. I know enough people supply teaching and I feel like I can't afford to do it. It's too unstable and seems far more stressful than having your own classroom. Of course, maybe it's just sour grapes talking ... I never got called for any of the boards. DDSB this year wasn't even adding to their supply list.