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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Updates, I've been a bad blogger

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a busy time.

On the long weekend D helped his parent's friend put in her dock. Afterward we had a celebratory dinner at his parent's house for his sister being accepted as an intern for a job in dance. We had a nice bon fire afterward, it was really nice.

I've been working about every other day. However I had my first shifts at the aerial park last weekend. Saturday was great, and Sunday I do not know if I was paid for it. This job is fun but the management is just awful. The man really likes to hear himself speak. He does not pay us for training, is that even legal? He is making us pay for our own uniform shirts. It's really run like a business and I think he is going to lose employees since about half of them have come up to me at one time or another complaining about how the company is run, it's very disorganized. I was really upset about the whole thing on Sunday, I've put in about 25 hours of volunteer working/climbing/training. I really don't mind doing SOME, but I do eventually want to be paid for this job as well, which by the way is a minimum wage one. Anyway, Sunday evening we had a night climb there which was just for staff and was a fun time.

The trunk to my car wouldn't close for some reason one night so I had to take it in and it was a $60 bill to get fixed. Not too bad I suppose.

I took the dog to get all her shots, etc. It was a $400 bill and they say she is going to need some dental work which will likely be another $400. Luckily my parents paid for it. My mom thinks it's going to work out to be about $200 for every pound she weighs hehe.

I only have about 3 weeks left with my tutoring. I am going to end it at the end of the school year and if she would like to continue next year I am going to give her a reference of a friend I have that is a teacher that is interested in tutoring and lives a lot closer to her. I would like to continue but it's a 30 minute drive each way and I only charge $20 for the hour. Hopefully I can find some students that live closer for next school year.

I handed in my completed police check for the respite care position I applied for. One of my references said that they have contacted them so now I guess I just wait for the interview process to begin.

I added $400 to my TFSA last week. That brings my total contributed this year to $3600 and my total overall to just over $10,000 with interest. Woo! I have another $5000 of contribution room and will try to get as close to that as I can, but I don't imagine I will be able to reach that before the end of the year.

I was looking at cars online last week when I was having car issues. There were a few I liked including the Nissan Versa. I always thought I would go with a Toyota again but there are a lot of things I like about the Versa. I actually found a guy online who was doing a private sale of his Versa. Has anyone done a private sale of a car before? Any additional risks compared to buying a used car through a dealership?

I watched game 1 of the stanley cup finals last night. Vancouver only needs three more wins! I think it would be really nice for them to win.

I finished one of my taggies. I know I was supposed to post a picture, I took a picture, does that count? I will post it for tomorrow. I still have to actually make another one!

My university roommate is due to have her baby any day now! I'm pretty excited to see if it's a girl or boy.

Today there is still no call for a job and none posted online. So I think I will do my boater's licence online, summer is coming fast! I will take the dog in for her heartworm/flea medicine. I am hoping a friend will come out for lunch with me since he has been having some tough times and I want him to just get away from things for a bit. A friend called me yesterday to see if we wanted to walk our dogs together but I was working so maybe we can have a raindate today too. Anyway I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!


  1. Lot's of updates, no kidding. Seems everything is going good and you are in control so that's a great thing.

    In my experience, most managements suck for one reason or the other, you just have to get in to find that out, some show earlier than others.

    Anyways stay happy.

  2. Wow, the manager sounds like he's in for himself. Have you tried approaching him about the hours? I would maybe check the labour laws and write up a list of hours that you have worked. Perhaps you can find another coworker who will help you ask for compensation as well. It's worth a shot.

    Heehee, hope you have fun on your doggy date!

  3. No such thing as a bad blogger! Write when you have time! Sounds like you've done all you can rustling up some work for the summer and you are saving LOTS! Great job!